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The Sequel to Equilibrium
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I know, I yet, structural boring.


But, hey, give it a chance. Contrary to popular belief, structural engineering is full of stories that are really interesting but remain largely unknown to the public. Somewhere growing up, I became interested in the lessons learned from engineering triumphs as well as failures. Although things work "right" 99.99% of the time it is that other 0.01% that seems to make headlines. But don't let that scare you - the engineers that I know are all very good! I hope that you will give my style of fiction a chance and remember the next time you drive over a bridge or take the elevator to the 42nd floor that an engineer had something to do with getting you there safely. 


I am a professional engineer, with undergraduate and graduate degrees in civil engineering from the University of Cincinnati, and a Ph.D. in construction management. I have spent a career teaching about structures and engineering and these books hopefully shed some light on my field in a way that hopefully, you will enjoy.  I play a little golf when I can and, although I enjoy the sport, many of my friends tell me that I'd be better off if I stick to teaching.


My second novel, INERTIA, is now available and if you liked EQUILIBRIUM I think you will really enjoy this new novel. If you don't -- well, just let me know and I'll concentrate more on my golf game. 

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The Sequel to Equilibrium 


Very well written, with knowledge about the subject and intrigue thrown in!

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