We all want equilibrium in our lives.


Recently named a partner in his structural engineering firm, Nick is eyeing a golden future until a project he has designed fails, with catastrophic results. With his entire life unraveling, Nick finds that bad choices lead to even darker consequences.


Guided by former co-worker Nick settles into a new career only to have another disaster claims the life of that friend. Launching his own investigation, Nick uncovers mysterious evidence and unwittingly involves others in his search for the truth. Little does he know that his investigation will cause him to cross paths with those from his past and embroil him in a race against time to foil a crippling terror attack.


Equilibrium can be a fleeting proposition.


Nick and Katie find out that fame is not a magic elixir and that secrets from the past often cause unfortunate difficulties in the present. Deciding she needs something else, Katie focuses her energies on something else, while Nick finds himself drawn to demons that have haunted him before. A different kind of equilibrium has established itself between these two - inertia.


Little do they know, a beautiful and cunning terrorist is on the loose and still actively engaged in sowing the seeds of terror. Seemingly worlds away, an unexpected event intervenes to bring Nick and Katie together again and forces both to face hard truths about themselves and their past. 

Inertia_Thomas Burns 3d render with shad
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